Vacation marketing is increasingly basing on the idea that clients don’t only pay for accommodation in vacation rental homes, but also the experience. According to reports, Millennials are willing to spend more on experiences, which continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry. 

By giving your customers the best possible experience during their stay, you will get to enjoy a return on experience through repeat customers. You’ll also attract more clients seeking to have a taste of your unique value offering through referrals.

If you want your vacation home to prosper in the future and yield more return on experience, here are the vital elements that you should focus on when marketing your vacation rentals 

1. Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Most hotels and rental homes ask their guests to leave their ratings or comments regarding their experience during their stay. This feedback is an asset you can use when marketing your property as everyone wants to associate with a vacation rental home that offers value for their money. 

Positive reviews from satisfied clients tend to provide social proof to potential customers on the quality of your services. What’s more, with the Millennials being the majority of consumers of vacation rental homes, they are more likely to look up online reviews before traveling.

There is no doubt; therefore, accommodation providers that leverage positive reviews and high ratings will attract more clients.

2. Services

The key to setting yourself apart in the hospitality industry lies in exceeding your customers’ expectations and providing more than the basic accommodation that they are looking for.

Some vacation homes offer facilities that enhance mobility for wheelchair users and the visually impaired, while others provide currency exchange services onsite for international guests. Such extra services show that you are thoughtful and committed to the convenience and comfort of your guests.

Excellent customer service is also a marketing strategy that will endear clients to your property. This applies to every aspect of your interaction–starting from the booking stage to when they finally check-in at your property.

The use of artificial intelligence, such as chatbots to address customer concerns, is an example of a trend that seeks to improve customer experience during the interaction. 

3. Leisure Activities

Attracting guests and giving them opportunities for memorable activities will greatly boost your marketing results. This is especially true for family-oriented facilities as they tend to gravitate more towards vacation homes that can cater to the leisure needs of their kids.

You can provide the necessary amenities like swimming pools, bike rentals complete with biking tracks, cooking shows, or hosting festivals within the premises for your guests to enjoy. 

Another way is to partner with companies offering leisure activities for holidaymakers. This way, you can earn commissions for every guest from your facility who signs up for these activities.

As travelers seek out vacation destinations with thrilling and fun leisure activities, catering to their needs will not only earn you repeat clients and referrals but also an extra stream of income.

4. Location

Most vacation-goers don’t always want to live like tourists holed up in hotels and going to the same “hot spots” as everyone else. They want a place where they can discover hidden gems that they wouldn’t if they had not visited the property.

Your location and unique setting are, therefore, vital for your vacation marketing. Having extensive knowledge of your locality complete with tour guides to give your guests a real feel of their surroundings will go a long way in enhancing the traveler’s experience.

Highlighting your in-depth knowledge and the ability to satisfy your guests’ curiosity is therefore set to improve your prospects, and keep more guests coming.

More travelers are prioritizing their need for new authentic experiences and learning new cultures when seeking out vacation rentals. As such, accommodation providers who take advantage of the above critical factors in their marketing are bound to see impressive returns on experience.

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