For most families, baptism is a meaningful ceremony that calls for a celebration. Being a special and significant event, gifts are always part of the ceremony, which also serves as reminders that kids can look back to.

With the many baptism gift ideas available, it can be quite a challenge to figure out the perfect gift for your grandchild. If your grandchild is getting baptized and you are yet to pick a meaningful baptism gift, here are a few baptism gift ideas that can help you decide.

Seven Unique Baptism Gifts from Grandparents

1. Jewelry

Jewelry pieces like bracelets, rings, earrings, and chains can stand the test of time and serve your grandchild for a long time to come. Adjustable bracelets, for example, can be adjusted to fit the wrist as the child grows.

Keep them simple and classic, so they can be worn into adulthood. You can opt for a rosary necklace with birthstones on it for luck, or bracelets with heart charms or a cross on them. 

2. Personalized Frame or Photo Album

A customized photo frame complete with the baby’s name and date of baptism on it can make for a beautiful reminder of this special day.

Better still, you can get your grandchild a photo album where all the baptism day pictures will be kept for years. Some photo frames even have essential writings on the back and a space for the image on the front.

3. Baptism Outfit

A baptism outfit can really come in handy during the christening of the child. A suit for the boy or a gown complete with a headband for the girl is a simple but meaningful baptism gift that the parents will appreciate.

An heirloom gown for your female grandchild can be passed on to future generations to be used during the baptism.

4. Toys

Toys contribute greatly to the development of the child and also give the parents time when the baby is playing. Kids at this stage are quickly developing and learning new skills like communication and motor skills.

As such, musical instrument toys or those that make sounds when manipulated are ideal for their development. Since babies like putting things in their mouth, ensure they are safe and not small enough that they can swallow them.

5. Gift baskets

Gift baskets can have different content depending on the gender of the baby. You can have a gift basket and include booties, hats, and shoes for the boys or bonnets and headbands for the girls.

Diapers, baby soap, and powder, as well as blankets, are also baptism gift ideas that would really come in handy for the parents when taking care of the baby.

6. Bible and Cross

A bible and cross gift indicate your support for your grandchild’s religious journey. A wooden or golden cross engraved with the name of the baby is a meaningful baptism gift that can sit in the kid’s room or the bookshelf.

Gifting your grandchild with a bible and personalized cross not only shows your support in helping the child develop ethical values and beliefs but also shows effort.

7. Money

Money as one of the baptism gift ideas goes a long way in easing the parents’ financial strain. To make it a more meaningful baptism gift, look at the bigger picture like starting a college fund for the baby. This way, you help secure the baby’s future as your baptism day gift.

The Bottom Line

Baptism gift ideas should be evaluated and chosen with keenness and consideration to match the day’s importance. So, the next time you walk into a store to buy a baptism gift for your grandson, choose a gift that the child will look at and associate it with this special day.

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