Web Design for Small Businesses

We are a passionate and innovative Diani Beach web design company specializing in crafting beautiful, professional, and engaging websites that deliver immediate solutions for online growth and greater brand awareness. Our team of experts can build websites from scratch or redesign an existing website to boost engagements and increase conversions.

Why Choose Us

To give you the best service, we must first understand your needs and goals. At Flavorful Space, we give you a listening ear and in order to deliver what is best for you and your business. Our team is always ready and available to consider your ideas, answer your concerns, and offer the best recommendations to fit your unique goals.

Our business is based on trust, honesty, and authenticity. We walk the talk and keep our promises and deliver precisely what we offer. You don’t have to worry about missed timeliness or false advertisements as you get what you expect and need. We also treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes you discoverable in search engines when potential customers search for products services or keywords related to yours. As your web designer in Diani Beach, we can help your business become discoverable online and boost your traffic, leads, and ultimate revenue. We pride ourselves in being part of our client’s success stories as our SEO strategies have enabled clients to earn enough income to pay for their website in full in the first month of utilizing our SEO solutions.

Our commitment to quality ensures that we only use the best open source CMS for our clients. We use WordPress, which allows you to manage all your website content from any device. This way, you don’t have to pay extra for site updates. What’s more, our Diani beach web designers offer training for free so you can update your website on your own.

As your Diani beach designer, we only create authentic and original websites without relying on templates. We strive to position your business as a force to reckon with in your industry’s digital space to give you a competitive edge and build credibility.

Our Web Designing and Development Process

When developing websites, we listen to your needs and goals, create a suitable site for your brand, and evaluate it to ensure it meets all our standards and is up to your expectations. While our web designers in Diani Beach are professional, we are keen on learning new ways to improve our services and create a website that is in line with your digital marketing goals. Here is our web development process.

Phase 1


As your Diani beach web designer, we first understand your website needs before getting down to work. We set up a consultation meeting and ask a few questions to establish your business needs and goals. This way, we get to create a website that effectively portrays your brand’s image, communicates with your audience, and meets your online visibility objectives.

Phase 2


After creating the blueprint, you only need to collect, organize, and send us the content you want on your website. While you can do the content creating on your own, we can help you create high-quality content that will appeal to your target audience, drive conversions and improve your search engine rankings.

Phase 3


The next step after content delivery is to finalize your website. Our team of web design experts in Diani beach will put the finishing touches to create the final look of your website. We use a mock-up design as a guide to creating different non-functioning website layouts for a glimpse of the final product.

Phase 4


Your website comes to life during the development phase. We create the first working website using the blueprint, content, and design elements at our disposal. As one of the best web developers in Diani, we ensure that your website offers a great user experience, loads quickly, and is mobile responsive. All our website development includes SEO.

Phase 5


To ensure your website runs optimally, we conduct the last testing and revision. We also pass it through quality assurance checks and ensure that it meets all the prior requirements. When everything is set, your website is ready to go live.

Our Work