What if I told you that smartphone running apps are already yesterday’s obsession? Running in this modern age is about more than just keeping fit. It’s about keeping track of your progress. It’s about finding new ways to break through your barriers to reach your goal (while looking good). And it’s about sharing your new personal bests with your friends online. 

Trends in Running Tech

Nowadays, your workout experience is just as important as the workout itself. As humans strive for connectivity in the age of COVID-19, running apps have become an avid runner’s best friend, helping running groups and friends stay connected.

Today, these apps have extended past the basic functions such as distance tracking, step count, and exercise time. The latest trend in fitness tech is personal AI coaches, with personalized training regimens to push you past your limits – all from your pocket!

AI coaching capabilities range from pre-exercise stretching to interval training during exercise, to all-day tracking of your healthy activity to help you reach your fitness goals. Most importantly, AI coaching helps to minimize the risks of injury by monitoring your posture and your cadence, reducing over-striding, and decreasing the impact force on your muscles and bones.

So say goodbye to holding your phone during your run, and awkwardly checking it to see if you are meeting your performance goals. Smart glasses offer a natural solution to this – let the AI coaching system in your smart glasses tell you instead, if your pace has dropped, if your posture has slackened, or how long you have left for your run.

A good pair of smart glasses can really bring AI coaching to life and enhance your running experience, with Bluetooth 5.0 Connection that allows you to immediately evaluate your performance after your run.

When searching for a suitable AI training app for yourself, many of the best apps have the ability to configure your own workout settings, to fit your workout and track your progress. One app that goes several steps beyond this is the solos AirGo Mobile App, a comprehensive mobile app with an AI coach to monitor your physical and bodily health before, during, and after exercise.

With AI care features such as posture monitoring, stretching exercises, and water-drinking reminders, the solos AirGo Mobile App seeks to encourage a healthy lifestyle to reach your goals. This means that your workout will be optimized, whether that be a core workout, interval training, or cadence training. 

Running Experience with Smart Glasses

The basic features of smart glasses enable you to choose where and when to exercise. With sufficient battery in the light smart glasses frame, smart glasses offer the potential of exercising when you wake up, through the rain, indoor or outdoor.

Many modern smart glasses often feature swappable lenses and detachable temples to optimize your comfort during your run, allowing for the customization of your glasses to cater for prescription lenses, UV-protective lenses, and more!

Comfort is of utmost importance when choosing a pair of smart glasses. Regardless of whether you are training for a marathon, or doing interval training, the last thing you want is for the smart glasses to fall off, so don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all design, and make sure the material is comfortable. Have fun with the customization that makes your run more enjoyable. From adjustable nose pads to silicone temple tips, you can be comfortable while looking good during and after your run! 

Most smart glasses brands offer 3-5 different frames for your use during your run, to allow you to find your own balance of what makes you comfortable and what looks good on you. For those who truly wish to customize their smart glasses to maximize their comfort during their run, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses offers an incredible 30+ choices for customization. From sunglasses lenses to short-sighted lenses to blue-light blocking lenses, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses offer every occasion. 

With the patented SmartHinge design to facilitate frame swapping as easy as Legos, the Solos AirGo Smart Glasses come in at just 38 grams (1.34 ounces). With its light and comfortable acetate material, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses are one of the lightest smart glasses in the market, and a true friend for runners wishing to decrease their load as much as possible during their run.

With light and comfortable smart glasses, it will feel as if they aren’t even there! At the end of the run, the smart glasses will have tracked your workout and your progress will already have synced through Bluetooth on your phone or laptop, as soon as you are within a 30 feet range of your device. Solos AirGo Smart Glasses allow simultaneous pairing to both your laptop and your phone at a range of 100 feet. With that, you can access your workout data anywhere, anytime!

Smart Glasses Specifications – Ready, get set, go! 

Keep your eyes on the prize during your run—when choosing your smart glasses, ensure that it has an audio system to keep up with your running needs, with important features such as touch volume control that allow you to keep your hands free during your run. It should also be able to automatically turn on and off when you put on or take off your smart glasses so that you can record your run and your progress as accurately as possible. 

Smart glasses are intended to streamline your running experience, such that you don’t even have to worry about bringing your phone – your smart glasses are the only running accessory you need! Your smart glasses should be equipped with a strong Bluetooth connection, and a reliable movement detection to track your run by each step. With that, you’ll be able to go home after your run, track your run, and share your progress online! 

Smart glasses are all about simplicity and must provide intuitive gesture sensing during the workout, so as not to disturb you. With basic touch sensing, the additional proximity, and 9-axis motion sensing on top that Solos AirGo Smart Glasses offers, the interaction with your AI trainer during your run will be streamlined and convenient. Even after your workout, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses has a standalone mode where it continues to provide full-day posture advice and step count functions. 

In just 1.5 hours of charging time, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses can make the industry average of 6 hours of play-time pale in comparison, boasting 11 hours of music or 8 hours of non-stop calling. A full day’s use is of utmost importance for smart glasses – an average day with Solos AirGo Smart Glasses could look like 5 hours of audio, 2 hours of voice call, and 17 hours of standby – all without a second charge!

The Audio System boasts Whisper™ Audio Technology to complement the multi-mic, noise-canceling system, creating a surround sound spatial effect using dual-directional speakers. Whether you are on a call or enjoying music during your workout, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses will make sure nothing gets between you and your goal. 

Change how you see your workouts forever, and crush your goals, starting today!

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