If you are thinking about a home renovation project, you may be wondering which area of your house to tackle first. While adding new paint to a bedroom or replacing the light fixtures in the kitchen are easy projects that offer nice cosmetic value, you can really upgrade your home by remodeling your bathroom.

Updating your bathroom is a project that not only improves your quality of living but also adds significant value to your home. Here are six reasons to consider a bathroom remodel.

To Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home this year? Upgrading and modernizing the bathroom will be a boost to your home’s value. If you don’t have the funds for full remodel, focus on the details potential buyers care about most.

Installing a new modern backsplash and investing in a new pedestal bathroom sink can all give your home new life, and raise its value in the process. According to Remodeling magazine, bathrooms have the highest rate of return at 78%.

To Create More Space

Adding an entirely new bathroom is an expensive venture. Over time our bathrooms seem smaller, mostly because the size of the family might have grown. The bathroom can become messy with everyone scrambling for space for their products.

Remodeling gives you an opportunity to increase storage space. Adding an extra storage cabinet, a shower or a tub are the most common ways to expand your bathroom.

To Make Your Bathroom Safe

The bathroom can a dangerous place if not correctly installed. Whether you are growing older or planning to accommodate an elderly relative, making the changes can prevent accidents.

Having children or a physically challenged member of the family is also another reason to remodel your bathroom. Adding rails and ledges are an excellent way to make your bathroom safer for all the members of your family

To Improve Efficiency

A lot of water is wasted in the bathroom. Perhaps it’s time you helped save the planet in your own small way. Remodeling your bathroom to have water saving devices such as low flow shower heads is an excellent place to start.

While at it, you should also replace your bathroom lights with LEDs. Installing newer, energy-saving fans and humidifiers will help you save a lot in energy bills.

To Fix an Existing Plumbing Problem

If you always have to call the plumber, then it’s time to remodel. Temporary fixes are expensive in the long run. Because of the water, the mold may start to grow in the bathroom.

Water may also leak from broken pipes and weaken your walls. Usually, the walls have to be torn down. Before things get that bad, you can fix all these problems by merely remodeling your bathroom.

To Make a Cosmetic Change

After kitchens, bathrooms are essential rooms in the house. It is the first place you go to when you wake up and the last place you visit before retiring to bed after a hard day. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to invest in your bathroom.

You can decide to remodel your bathroom just because you don’t like how it was designed. You will recoup all the money anyway when you resell the house, so why not go crazy if you have the means.

Remodeling your bathroom could be the best decision you ever made. However, you must be careful about how you go about it. Remodeling magazine estimates the average cost to be around $ 16,128.

If you don’t have this amount of money, you can consider the quickest and affordable bathroom financing options. For more information on how you can secure a home improvement loan, check out this guide.

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