Whether you are conducting administrative and clerical staffing or call center staffing, working with a staffing company can go a long way in eliminating hiring mistakes that you are bound to make.

So, you have crafted a detailed job description, sent out vacancy advertisements, and looked through lots of applications. Sometimes you skim through the application documents, while other times you don’t bother about seemingly overqualified candidates.

The result? You make hiring mistakes and end up with someone in your office who’s not fit for your company. New staff can make or break your company’s productivity, culture, and staff morale. Staffing companies help you find suitable candidates and avoid hiring mistakes that can adversely cost your company.

3 Signs You’ve Made a Hiring Mistake and Hired the Wrong Candidate

1). The New Employee Doesn’t Work Well with Other Staff Members

Excellent interpersonal skills and teamwork are instrumental in getting any job done well. You know you made a hiring mistake when your new employee is at odds with your staff, leading to conflict in the office. This can drive the productivity of your company’s teams down the drain.

By working with an employment agency, you can observe the relationship of your new hire with the rest of your employees. Many staffing companies allow employees to be hired temporarily first.

If you see issues with your new hire, you know it’s time to find a replacement before your company’s positive culture, workplace peace, and productivity suffer.

2). Incompetence

Anyone can lie on their resume about their capabilities and competence, which is why relying only on the CV is one of the many hiring mistakes you should avoid. The incompetence later comes out through lots of errors as well as inability to grasp basic concepts and execute simple tasks.

You may realize that mistakes keep repeating themselves despite numerous corrections. Practical capability tests can ascertain the suitability of your potential hires, but most companies are too pressed for time to administer them.

A staffing company can help you avoid the hiring mistake of rushing the recruitment process. They have the tools and expertise to evaluate the competence and abilities of potential employees so you can get the best fit for the job.

They understand that although experience is essential, the ability and willingness to learn is equally important. When you work with a staffing company, you are assured of competent and teachable employees who can adapt to changes without compromising their productivity.

3). Constant Complaints

Nothing shouts ‘I don’t like my job’ louder than incessant complaints about assigned tasks and responsibilities. Your hiring mistake will be evident when you find out the new hire has a negative attitude and can’t stop complaining about their job.

The same individuals will be comfortable doing the bare minimum and won’t go the extra mile to improve their results. This lack of interest and laxity can be detrimental to productivity, and will soon cost your company.

When you work with a staffing company, you can read the candidate’s attitude towards the job during the trial period. One may fake interest, but not for long. The trial period given by staffing companies helps you see how well your new employee like their job.

A staffing company will identify your staffing needs and establish whether you need a temporary or full-time employee, helping you avoid overcompensation in salaries. You also get help in attracting quality candidates by ensuring your advertisement reaches a broader pool of potential hires. Most importantly, you avoid a lot of costly hiring mistakes.

Be Proactive and Avoid Hiring Mistakes by Working with Pros

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