Are you fascinated by the charm of heart-shaped leaves? If so, you’re not alone! The distinctive shape of these leaves has captured the hearts of many nature enthusiasts and gardeners. Whether it’s the delicate foliage of a fern or the glossy leaves of a tropical plant, heart-shaped leaves can add a touch of elegance and romance to any space.

Here are some of the trending heart shaped leaf plants you can incorporate into your home or garden décor.

Heart Shape Leaf Plants for Your Garden or Home Décor

1. Anthurium

Anthurium is a plant genus that features heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are typically glossy, firm, and have a pointed tip with a broad base. They come in different colors, including deep green, red, pink, and purple.

This heart shaped leaf plant is an ideal choice for indoor gardening because it prefers low to medium light conditions and can thrive in relatively low humidity levels. Anthurium is also well known for its air-purifying abilities, making it an excellent addition to any home or office space.

With minimal care, your Anthurium plant can flourish and add beauty to your indoor environment.

2. Hostas

Hostas are known for their heart-shaped leaves, which is one of their defining features. If you are a fan of gardening or landscaping, you have probably come across these popular shade-loving perennials.

The leaves of Hostas can come in a variety of colors, including shades of green, blue, and yellow, and they are often variegated with patterns of stripes or spots. The heart shape of the Hosta’s leaves adds a touch of elegance and softness to any garden or landscape, making it a popular choice for those looking to create a calming and serene outdoor space.

3. Peperomia

Peperomia is a plant genus that includes species with heart-shaped leaves. If you’re a fan of heart-shaped leaves, you’ll love the Peperomia plant! Its leaves are usually small, thick, and fleshy, with a rounded base that widens in the middle to form the characteristic lobes of the heart shape.

The leaves of the Peperomia plant come in a variety of colors, from deep green to variegated shades of green and cream. Peperomia is a great plant choice for indoor gardening and is easy to care for, making it a popular choice for beginners and seasoned plant enthusiasts alike.

4. Scindapsus Pictus

The leaves of Scindapsus Pictus are shaped like hearts, with pointed tips and rounded bases that widen in the middle to form the characteristic lobes. The leaves of Scindapsus Pictus are also speckled with silvery-grey or white markings, adding to its unique beauty.

Scindapsus Pictus is a popular choice for indoor gardening due to its list of benefits including he ability to thrive in low-light conditions, relatively easy to care for, and its air-purifying properties, making it a great addition to any home or office.

5. Pothos

The Pothos plant, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a popular houseplant that is easy to care for and can thrive in a variety of light conditions. The leaves of the Pothos plant are heart-shaped and have a pointed tip with a wide base.

They are typically variegated with shades of green, yellow, and white, adding a touch of color to any room. The Pothos plant is an excellent choice for beginner gardeners and anyone looking to add some greenery to their home or office space.

6. Cyclamen

Cyclamen are flowering plants that are native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. They have heart-shaped leaves that are typically dark green with silver or white patterns on top and a purplish hue on the undersides. The flowers are often pink, red, or white and have a distinctive swept-back shape.

Cyclamen are not well-suited to survive in all US states as they prefer cool temperatures and moist, well-draining soil. They may be able to grow as houseplants or in protected outdoor environments in some areas, but they are not generally considered to be cold-hardy plants.

7. Philodendron

Many species of Philodendron have heart-shaped leaves, or leaves that are somewhat similar in shape to a heart. This is a characteristic feature of the genus Philodendron. However, do remember that not all Philodendrons have heart-shaped leaves, as the shape and size of the leaves can vary depending on the species.

Philodendrons may undergo changes in leaf shape as they mature, and this is particularly common in certain species. For example, young leaves of the Philodendron bipinnatifidum, commonly known as the Tree Philodendron, may start out with a more heart-shaped appearance when they first emerge, but as they grow and mature, the leaves become more elongated and lobed.

8. Sweetheart Hoya

Sweetheart Hoya, also known as Hoya kerrii, is a small succulent native to Southeast Asia. It is a slow-growing plant that produces heart-shaped, fleshy, and glossy leaves that can grow up to 4 inches long.

The leaves are usually green, but some varieties may have variegations or white edges. It produces small clusters of pink or white flowers that emit a sweet fragrance. This houseplant is commonly grown in a hanging basket or trained to climb up a support.

9. Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a flowering vine that is commonly grown for its attractive and colorful flowers. Its leaves are heart-shaped and alternate on the stem. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and range in color from white to pink, red, purple, and blue.

This heart shaped leaf plant usually blooms in the morning and close in the afternoon or evening. The plant produces small, round seed pods that contain several seeds each. Morning Glory vines can grow up to 10 feet long and require support structures to climb.

10. Philodendron Gloriosum

Philodendron Gloriosum is a stunning tropical plant with large, heart-shaped, velvety leaves that are dark green with white veins. The leaves can grow up to 12 inches long and 8 inches wide, making it a show-stopper in any indoor or outdoor garden.

The stem of the plant is a deep green color with silver markings, and it can grow up to 3 feet tall. The plant produces a spadix of yellow-green flowers surrounded by a white spathe.

11. Green Epipremnum Aureum

Green Epipremnum Aureum, commonly known as Devil’s Ivy, is a trailing vine with heart-shaped, glossy leaves that can grow up to 3 feet in length. The leaves are typically a bright green color, but they may vary in color and variegation patterns depending on the plant’s exposure to light.

This heart shaped leaf plant can produce aerial roots that help it climb and cling onto surfaces. When mature, it may produce small, cream-colored flowers followed by small berries.

12. Philodendron Micans

Philodendron Micans is a popular houseplant with unique and stunning foliage. It has velvety, heart-shaped leaves that are a deep, rich green with purple undertones. The leaves have a metallic sheen and a soft texture, hence its common name “velvet-leaf Philodendron.”

As it grows, it develops long, vining stems that can reach several feet in length, making it an excellent trailing plant for hanging baskets or trellises.

13. Heart Leaf Fern

Heart Leaf Fern, also known as Hemionitis arifolia, is a small fern species that typically grows up to 1 foot (30 cm) tall and wide. Its fronds are heart-shaped with a glossy, dark green color and slightly wavy edges.

The leaves have prominent veins that branch out from the midrib and give the frond a feather-like appearance. It is an epiphytic fern, which means that it naturally grows on other plants rather than in soil. It prefers humid environments and is commonly used as a houseplant.

14. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron, also known as Philodendron hederaceum, is a vining plant with heart-shaped, glossy, and dark green leaves that can grow up to 4-6 inches long. Its leaves are usually smooth and have a pointed tip.

It produces small aerial roots along the stem, which help it climb and attach to support structures. The plant can grow up to 10 feet long and produces small, greenish-white flowers, although these are rare in indoor settings. It’s a popular houseplant due to its ease of care and air-purifying qualities.

15. Purple Bell Vine

The Purple Bell Vine, also known as Rhodochiton atrosanguineum, is a climbing plant with striking bell-shaped flowers. The flowers are deep purple and have a cylindrical, almost tubular shape with flared petal tips. The leaves are ovate in shape and a medium green color, providing a nice contrast to the vivid flowers.

This heart shaped leaf plant can climb up to 6-8 feet high and is commonly grown as an annual in hanging baskets, trellises, or as a ground cover. It’s a popular choice for adding a pop of color to gardens and balconies.

Conclusion: Heart Shaped Leaf Plants

Heart-shaped leaf plants are a beautiful addition to any garden or indoor space. With their unique and elegant shape, they provide a charming touch to your decor. Whether it’s the striking Purple Bell Vine or the slow-growing Sweetheart Hoya, heart-shaped leaf plants come in many varieties.

They are easy to care for, making them perfect for beginners and plant enthusiasts alike. With so many options available, it’s easy to find a heart-shaped leaf plant that suits your style and taste.

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