Shedding post-pregnancy weight is the primary concern for multitudes of women, with most of them worrying about how they’ll drop the weight they’ve gained over the past nine months.

The journey to weight loss is not just a walk in the park. You have to be patient with your body, you need to follow expert’s pieces of advice, and as well do a bit of physical exercise. This way, you’ll return to your pre-pregnancy weight, and definitely, you’ll be contented.

Losing weight after having a baby is not only vital to the mother but for the baby as well. So when you hold the baby weight, your body is likely to be at risk, and probably you might develop some chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart-related diseases.

For new mothers who’ve been experiencing sleepless night thinking of how to get back to their shape, here’s the way:

1. Breastfeeding Regularly

Scientists say that breastfeeding exclusively burns about 300-plus calories a day. It can help you to lose a significant amount of pounds—a rate of two to three pounds per month.

Just enjoy bonding with your baby as you drop some postpartum weight. Remember, you’ll feel hungry more often while nursing, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to eat more food.

2. Drink Plenty of H2O

Always stay hydrated to compensate for the fluid you’ve lost when nursing. Some studies show that breastfeeding moms require more water to speed up their metabolism and to fill them up so that they can eat less.

When you take 16 ounces of water, you’ll probably lose about fifteen and a half pounds within three months, according to Virginia Tech Study. If you are planning to slim, put water forward because it’s an instant game-changer.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep when your baby sleeps. This way, you’ll end up getting the recommended eight hours of sleep. It is entirely impossible to shed the post-pregnancy weight once you don’t spend enough hours to sleep.

Women who sleep fewer hours tend to hold onto their baby weight just because they lack enough time to rest, with most of them showing signs of tiredness. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body produces cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers weight gain.

Consider achieving your weight loss goals by often catching a nap as much as you can during your nursing journey.

4. Embrace Light Exercise

Choosing the right outdoor activity can be a significant source of weight loss. Always do exercises that are preferably more enjoyable to you. However, it is essential to choose something you can do with your baby.

For example, you can have a nature walk while carrying your little one, you can walk down the street, or you can walk to the grocery store or supermarket to buy some stuff.

These activities will help you to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and nourish your soul to watch what nature brings. Walking, probably for an hour a day can burn at least 400 calories, which means 2800 calories every week.

5. Avoid Soft Drinks and Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages such as red wine have some health benefits. However, the bad news is alcoholic, and soft drinks can add a significant amount of calories in your body, according to the report of the American Journal of Nutrition.

Yes, a daily serving of a glass of wine or soda can lead to a weight gain of about 15 pounds per annum. If you wish to return to your pre-pregnancy shape, it is, therefore, imperative to keep off all sorts of drinks, especially the ones packed with pound-packing sugar.

Lastly, experiencing weight gain after pregnancy is an obvious thing, but you can get back to your standard shape by merely embracing the appropriate approach. You can get some health advice from your dietitian, and as well, the dietitian can help you to come up with a solid plan that will guide towards your weight loss journey.

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