Coronavirus has swept in and turned our world upside down. The way we do business has changed forever. Old business models are dying while new ones are rising from the ashes. COVID-19 is killing both people and businesses at an alarming rate. In the U.S, at least 20 million people have lost their jobs.

Companies have to rethink their business strategies to stay afloat. Businesses that have read the signs and optimized their sites are riding the wave and may survive.

How Can Smart Businesses Use SEO in these COVID-19 Times?

SEO has many applications and benefits. The initial SEO investment is high, but the ROI is worth the penny. To optimize fully companies will have to,

1) Create custom and target content.

COVID-19 has disrupted regular business leading to an explosion of e-commerce in the last few months. E-commerce may hit $4.2 trillion in 2020. A new breed of shoppers has appeared, and companies have to change tact to entice them. 

The current buyer is more conscious and leans towards healthy and affordable products and services. Value for money is the new name of the game: no more splurge shopping, holiday gateways, and fancy dining. The current shopper wants something he can do at home, affordably and healthily.

For companies to attract such buyers, they have to design content that is suited for a COVID-19 shopper. If companies implement such strategies, they will have an added advantage.

2) Stay relevant.

The current economic situation is volatile and shifts daily. Companies have to be on top of their game in monitoring what’s biting in the market in real-time. The world is facing an emotional crisis, and buyers are highly influenced by the ever-changing health landscape.

To capture the market, businesses with relevant content will score big. Using tools like google analytics is a smart idea in mapping out strategic campaigns for ranking keywords.

Keywords such as “at home”, “lockdown” are featuring prominently in search engines. Content that prioritizes such keywords will rank higher in SERPS, leading to higher visibility and Click-Through Rates.

3) Create diverse user engagement platforms.

Regular billboard ads are not hacking it anymore; nobody is going out anyway. Companies have to rethink their ad strategies to be relevant. Businesses need to tweak their sites to engage users in various platforms like social media and emails.

Companies need to engage SEO firms to overhaul ad strategies and user engagement platforms. With over 42% of the globe on social media, it is a gold mine. 

Buyers are using their mobile gadgets more to conduct business. Ads that are mobile-friendly are a big win. To survive these pandemic companies have to think big and smart.

4) Dedicate a COVID-19 page

This engagement gives a business a high score on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). It provides a company with a human touch and shows that company’s care for their clientele.

Giving reassurances on how the health of the consumer is paramount concerning the company’s products will make loyal customers remain loyal. Exclusive discounts, shares of sales going to charity, and content on how to stay safe will endear brands to their customers.

5) Prepare customers for post-COVID-19 life.

The world will forever change after this pandemic. COVID-19 has an unseen benefit, though. As old businesses tank, new opportunities are cropping up. An organized company will seek to advise and reassure its customers on post-COVID-19 opportunities.

With companies, switching to digital platforms, the real estate sector is ripe for investment. A well-organized company will likely highlight these to its customers.

6) Improve the company’s website

Now is an excellent time for companies to test new metrics in their systems. Because of the business uncertainty and ever-shifting parameters, companies will get actionable data that will help them come up with the best SEO practices for their future engagements.

A business site with Images of crowds holding hands will not augur well with social distancing measures currently in effect. Key indicators like site bounce rates, CTR, and competitor site format will give company ideas on how to optimize their sites better.

Local SEO packs for physical stores, updating listings on my google business, and updating images should be a priority for companies.

7) SEO is a game-changer

SEO is as old as the Internet. It’s a dynamic field that is always changing. In the current digital age, good SEO is mandatory for a business to survive. Fortunately, the little things count. A company that pays attention to its SEO stands to reap massive returns in the end.

Author: Solomon Mugo

Solomon Mugo is a freelance writer who offers blog writing, copywriting, and content creation services. He works closely with B2B and B2C businesses to create content that drives up traffic, improves site visibility, and gains social media attention. 

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