Colorado ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for the ideal retirement location. The state has tax-friendly rates, an affordable cost of living, and high-quality amenities. It also has breathtaking mountain ranges, hiking trails, lakes, parks, and other attractions suitable for outdoor activities.

Best Places to Retire in Colorado

To make your decision easier, we’ve identified these seven cities as the most retirement-friendly in Colorado:

1. Denver

Denver’s status as Colorado’s capital makes it most likely to have the best amenities. The city also hosts one of the nation’s healthiest and most physically active communities. Its properly planned neighborhoods enable activities such as walking, biking, and swimming. Although Colorado experiences winter, it also receives adequate sun.

The vibrant restaurants, safe transportation options, and multiple recreational pursuits make it suitable for exploration in retirement. Denver also has a thriving cultural scene that includes museum exhibits, music festivals, Broadway shows, art galleries, concerts, and theaters. Additional benefits of retiring in Denver are a solid economy, top-notch healthcare, and housing developments catering to the 55+ demographic.

2. Fort Collins

This city is a quieter alternative to busier locations such as Colorado Springs. Located about 65 miles from Denver, Fort Collins offers city amenities balanced with the laid-back style of a small town. The city hosts the Colorado State University but is appropriate for more age groups than college-going students.

Retirement-friendly features include well-planned, decent, and affordable suburban housing developments. A good reason for Fort Collins’ lower cost of living is the lack of major tourist destinations. However, the city also contains some of Colorado’s best natural attractions, including stunning mountains and forests.  

3. Loveland

Loveland is known as “Sweetheart City” for good reasons. This unique location around Lake Loveland has scenic mountain views to the west. While it’s recently witnessed significant growth due to investments by tech and manufacturing firms, it’s still a quiet city overall.

Apart from safe neighborhoods, Loveland’s selling points include an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. The housing developments incorporate senior-friendly options such as independent and assisted living communities. The city’s vibrant parks and recreation department maintains several public facilities, hiking trails, bike paths, and pet-friendly amenities.  

4. Buena Vista

Buena Vista regularly ranks among the best cities to retire in Colorado for good reasons. Its location close to the Arkansas River gives it a scenic and calming appearance that you’ll quickly fall in love with. Although it has a population of less than 3,000, the city has surprisingly diverse attractions.

They include delicious restaurants, coffee shops, natural hot springs, and beautiful views of the Collegiate Peaks. Buena Vista is the perfect location if you enjoy solitude. Its low crime rate also makes it conducive to exploration and safe retirement.

5. Pueblo

This city makes the list primarily because it’s among the most affordable places to retire in Colorado. It has a uniquely Mexican heritage, which it celebrates annually through the Chile & Frijoles Festival. This city has also hosted the Colorado State Fair since 1872.  You can find shops, restaurants, and art pieces along its Historic Riverwalk in the downtown section.

Other attractions include Lake Pueblo State Park, an ample shoreline with two marinas, and a popular summer swimming spot in the Pueblo Reservoir. This retirement-friendly city enjoys a moderate climate, including light snowfall and mild winters.

6. Monument

Located in El Paso County, Monument stands out for its reliable healthcare facilities, which attract investments in senior living communities. Although it’s a small city of around 7,000, its proximity to Colorado Springs gives you access to big-city amenities.

Monument’s Santa Fe Trail is a 15-mile historic attraction that runs through the city. It’s great for hiking, riding, and biking. The Palmer Lake Recreational Area is another excellent spot for swimming and fishing. It also hosts various festivals and outdoor events, including the 4th of July celebrations. You’ll always have an activity to keep you occupied if you retire in Monument.

7. Parker

Parker is an affluent, fast-growing city located in southeast Denver. In addition to active senior communities, it offers various housing developments controlled by homeowners’ associations. The city has a reputation for safety, with a crime rate nearly half the national average.

Parker is an outdoor-oriented community that invests in its parks, recreational facilities, festivals, concerts, and exhibitions. Its economy primarily depends on retail, education, and healthcare. The Denver International Airport is about 30 minutes away, while a light rail system connects to the larger city from Aurora. Parker’s downtown is also appropriate for walking, biking, and other forms of exercise. 

Final Thoughts

These seven cities of the Centennial State offer comfortable retirement options depending on your budget, medical needs, and personal preferences. You can find more information by visiting the relevant state or city websites. It’s also advisable to seek the opinion of other seniors or physically travel to the locations for a first-hand analysis of their retirement friendliness.