Just a quick one – do you love cooking? Whether you are good at it, or just starting out, cooking is fun. Making your own meals is an excellent step towards healthy eating (and living). Plus, it’ll save you some extra bucks.

So, where do you get your recipes? Well, I know a place or two. And, no, it’s not one of those old cookbooks. In this article, I sampled the best cooking and recipe websites that’ll give you a cooking experience of a lifetime. Check this out;

The Best Cooking Websites in the World

1. All Recipes

All Recipes tops our list today. With an average of 25 million visits a month, the site is on top of its game.

And, as the name suggests, the site is home to almost any recipe you and I can think of. So, next time you’re hosting a party, dinner, or just hanging out with friends, you know where to get an idea of what to serve them.

The recipes are pretty detailed. And, if that still doesn’t cut it, then I bet the instructional videos will. To make it even easier for you, the site lets you create a profile so you can save your favorite recipes and share them with others, too.

2. Food Network

Food Network has been home to great recipes since its inception in 1993.

Apart from the website, the food network also has TV programs, magazines, and outstanding podcasts from which it shares its recipes. And, as you’d expect, these avenues have earned it a huge following.

The site has a whole pile of recipes you could try. It also has instructional videos from its TV series for an even better cooking experience. Want to take your cooking a step further? This site has all you’ll need.

3. Bake Me Some Sugar

Created in 2018, Bake Me Some Sugar has served hundreds of recipes, and it’s promised not to stop anytime soon.

The site prepares its recipes so experienced and non-experienced cooks can all make amazing food. The website is also loaded with great tips that’ll make your cooking easier and more fun.

4. Meal Prepify

This site is user-centered. And, that’s what makes it stand out. Every recipe uploaded works to save your time, money and boost your health. Amazing, right?

Plus, if your ultimate goal is to lose weight, build muscles, maybe, this site has recipes, and cooking tips to help with that. Their team of experts will help you adopt healthy cooking and eating habits so you live a quality life.

5. Foodies Terminal

Foodies Terminal is yet another incredible site that wouldn’t miss out on our list. It boasts a stack of recipes that are easy to follow and will have you eating healthy. The site was established in 2018 to serve you healthy and sweet food from everywhere in the world.

It’s because of its unique, simple, and healthy recipes that it’s been mentioned in such magazines as Yahoo, Kansas Living, and Parade. You’ll find the user interface highly interactive, easily navigable, and beautiful so no recipe will have a place to hide.

6. Delish

Since 2008 when it was created, Delish has been serving nothing short of tasty and healthy recipes. And, that includes putting together a mix of present-day and classic recipes while maintaining the nutritional value of each.

The highly interactive and responsive site will have you easily search and locate recipes using the simplest of keywords. The interactive videos will also guide all your steps in the kitchen. Their informative articles will also boost your knowledge of food and nutrition.

7. Morgan Boulevard

Any vegans here? I have something for you. Morgan Boulevard brings you highly nutritious, cheap, and tasty recipes for vegans. So you don’t have to order a delivery or make your way to a restaurant.

The highly interactive site will have you locating your favorite recipes without much of a struggle. Oh, and you’ll also have holiday suggestions for a perfect weekend out with your loved ones.

8. Yummly

Here’s another site that shouldn’t miss out on your list. Yummly features some of the top-rated recipes. The site is packed with about 2 million recipes, all with a perfect balance of sweet aroma, perfect taste, and high nutritional value.

To ensure you don’t go wrong with the cooking, the site also features informative video guides. You’ll also be able to create a profile with the site and use it to save and share recipes, as well as your grocery list.

9. Epicurious

Epicurious has gathered a huge following, thanks to its rich content. For 2 decades, the website has collected only 50,000 recipes. Normally, given that timeframe, we’d expect a larger figure.

However, the site owners are not after throwing just any recipes your way. They are out to ensure each recipe that makes it to the list is properly vetted to ensure it fits every user’s nutritional needs.

The mix of research and testing each recipe undergoes before it finally makes its way to the site will only have you trusting the site even more.

10. Kitchn

Kitchn was created in 2005 for the sole purpose of supplying readers with easy recipes filled with nutritional value.

And, so far it’s been doing an incredible job. That explains why it boasts a readership of 17 million monthly. Yes, 17 million people religiously follow this website to get a glimpse of the amazing recipes.

You’ll also enjoy reading cooking tips, more cooking guides, and deals on kitchen appliances from the 20 articles posted daily on the site.

11. Productive Mama

Well, there’s always something new on Productive Mama. The site is out to cover everything around nutrition, food, and health, all easily accessible on the highly interactive site.

The site also features top recipes that’ll have you prepare healthy and tasty meals, cheaper and faster.

12. The Spruce Eats

The spruce eats is a pretty common website with new and experienced cooks. It’s gathered an impressive reputation, thanks to its expert ideas and pieces of advice.

Its careful selection of classic and modern recipes is set to blow your mind. You’ll enjoy exhaustive sections on ingredients and cocktails. The comprehensive videos on the site will also make it easier for you to prepare meals.

13. 100 Healthy Recipes

If you are craving some good meals, then 100 Healthy Recipes has something for you and your loved ones. Here, you’ll find the best recipes for main meals and desserts to bring out a special smile on your face and that of your loved one. 

And the best part is – they are all easy to prepare. That’s exactly what you need when you hardly have time for the kitchen or you’ve just had a rough day.

14. Consumer Queen

Consumer Queen features cheap and easy recipes even for less-experienced cooks. The team behind the site is dedicated to ensuring they serve you nothing but healthy, easy-to-prepare meals.

On top of that, you’ll also find updates on movies, the red carpet, and celebrity news – talk of all-around entertainment under the same roof.

15. Kitchen Dreaming

Healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes are what define Kitchen Dreaming. The site was specially made with people who hardly have time to step into the kitchen, in mind. Here, you’ll find simple recipes that’ll only take a few minutes to prepare.

The site has been serving kitchen experts and novices since its inception in September 2012, and only keeps getting better.

16. Denver’s Dancing Dietitian

Denver’s Dancing Dietitian is yet another home to simple, healthy recipes, that’ll do your taste buds some justice. 

But, that’s not all you’ll find here. There are also tons of write-ups on weight loss tips, food disorders and their remedies, nutritional counseling, and advice on food intolerance. Check them out.

 17. Living Well 2-Day

Living Well 2-day is the host to simple and healthy recipes. The website aims at promoting healthy eating and helping its readers adopt healthy lifestyles. 

You’ll also find endless tips on family issues, budgeting, homeschooling, DIY, and more, thanks to the dedicated team of experts behind the site.

18. Somm’s Table

For wine die-hards, Somm’s Table could serve you some great tips. Sommstable.com believes that a meal can’t be complete without a glass of wine on the side. They have endless tips on the same, and a few recipes to go with it, too.

If you share the same belief, head on there and see what they have.

19. Older Slightly Wiser

If you are gluten-intolerant, then the gluten-free recipes on Older Slightly Wiser will save the day. The site aims at promoting the general health of its readers. That’s why you’ll find, not only recipes but also find endless tips on a healthy diet and general wellness. Be sure to check them out.

20. Pump and crunch

The team at Pump and Crunch wants to see you healthy, fit, and well-fed. This is something they are really passionate about, that’s why on top of healthy and delicious recipes, their site also helps you with some practical tips for a balanced lifestyle.

They also have proven and results-oriented workout tips that will get you in shape in the shortest time. Be sure to check them out.

21. Mountain Mama

Mountain Mama houses some of the easiest (and of course healthy) recipes, especially for those who lead busy lives. If you have a small garden in your backyard that you love working on, then you’ll love the excellent gardening tips on the site. 

You’ll also find comprehensive articles with endless decorating tips, so you can turn your space into a little haven. 

22. El’s Kitchen Comforts

Delicious recipes? There wouldn’t be any other site. El’s Kitchen Comforts might just restore the little spark in your dining table with their healthy and mouthwatering recipes. To them, the taste is key, and health is everything.

The site also has a section for fashion enthusiasts. This is home to some of the latest trends in the industry.

23. Wikye

Wikye? Must be like any other ordinary recipe website, right? Wrong. Much more than that. The site will not only make it easy for you in the kitchen but touch your life as a whole. It features a business section, fashion, and health.

For the entertainment lovers, there’s a lifestyle, celebrity, and culture section for you. It’s never dull here. Head out to the site. 

24. Keto Comfort

Are you on the Keto diet? Planning to start? Well, I know a place you could hang out, and I’m positive you’ll love it – Keto Comfort. They are soon putting out some easy-to-prepare recipes. But, for now, you could make use of their free resources.

So, What Now?

Taking time out of your busy day’s schedule to prepare a meal or two is a worthy course. And, most people would love to, but just can’t because they don’t know how to cook. Above are the 12 best cooking and recipe websites to turn you into an amazing cook. Be sure to check them out.

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