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Welcome to Flavorful Space. This is a platform where I offer advice, tips and news on health, business, lifestyle, travel, technology and MUCH MORE!

The Guy Behind Flavorful Space

Hello. Thanks for visiting Flavorful Space. I’m Elisha, a blogger, and copywriter. I have been in this industry for more than a decade, writing content for small businesses and larger companies. I hold a Master of Education in Early Childhood Studies and a Diploma in Copywriting. While my educational background is in child care, I have created tons of blog posts, social media content and web content about pets, health, home improvement, travel, business, marketing, education, and more.

6+ Years Blog Post and Web Content Writer for Hire

Are you looking for a freelance copywriter who will help your business communicate in a way that positively impacts your revenue? Your search ends here! Choosing a freelance copywriter for your brand is not something you should take lightly. You need a storyteller who appeals to your potential clients by accurately representing your brand’s voice engagingly and persuasively. This is where I come in.

Why I'm Your Best Copywriter?

I'm Not a Content Mill

I am a solo freelance copywriter. That means when you hire me, you only have me to deal with and not an employee with whom you have to filter your information. You are also assured of my availability and quick response time whenever you need to communicate. I’ll work with you from start to finish and take total responsibility for the project.

You Talk, I Listen

I listen keenly when you talk about your business and the goals you have for the project. I am not afraid of asking questions when necessary as they help me get a clear picture of your expectations. I also take note of the nuances of your words so that I can replicate the same emotion in the content I create for your business pages, blogs or social media posts.

I’m Easy To Work With

Likeability may not be part of the metrics you use when choosing your freelance, but who doesn’t want a smooth working relationship with a pleasant person who genuinely cares for their clients? The fact that I love my work and genuinely care about my clients means I treat my clients more like my friends. This shows in all my working relationships.

I Appreciate Feedback

I am confident in my writing abilities, but that doesn’t mean my word is final. I welcome feedback as you know your business better than I do. I believe that constructive criticism, just like positive feedback, is important in ensuring that I deliver exactly what you want.

I Offer Affordable Services

As a freelancer working from a home office, I neither incur the cost of renting office space nor do I have employees. This means the services you pay for are devoid of any overheads and solely reflect the value you get from my experience, professionalism, and competence.

I Understand Business

Other than being a freelance copywriter, I’m an entrepreneur who has also provided marketing consulting services to many. With an in-depth understanding of business, I write with the big picture in mind of how the content will build your brand and make it competitive.

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