You might have thought that your teeth are doomed to decay as long as you continue eating without brushing and flossing. As if food were the only culprit when thinking about oral health.

Some foods help maintain sound oral health, like those that prevent cavities, some which whiten your teeth, and those which give you fresh breath. Here are some foods which are beneficial to your dental health.

1. Milk and Cheese

Many of the foods you eat contain acids, which eat away at the enamel that protects your teeth. When you drink milk or eat cheese, these dairy products contain proteins, which form a protective layer around the surfaces of your teeth.

Not only that, but these foods also satiate you just like any other food you might like. Milk also contains a bit of sugar called lactose, but this sugar is not the kind that causes tooth decay.

2. Uncooked Onions

Raw onions have high microbicidal activity. Onions can get rid of several types of bacteria found in the mouth. According to recent research, onions can kill six types of bacteria.

So, if you eat raw onions, you will reduce the number of decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. Of course, eating fresh onions causes bad breath, but this is not so significant when compared to the protection you will get by doing so.

3. Cashew Nuts

Just like onions, the oil you obtain from cashew nut shells also fights microorganisms that might cause dental decay. Cashew nut shell oil contains cardol and anacardic acid, which have antimicrobial properties. Anacardic acid also kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay. You can even use these oils to treat a tooth abscess.

4. Water

Of all the foods you eat, you might argue that water is not necessary for oral health, but this is where you go wrong. When you drink water, it cleanses your teeth.

Swishing it around in your mouth is an effective way of using water to remove bacteria. Water is also an essential factor in weight loss regimens. You can keep away the hunger pangs by drinking a glass of water in between meals.

5. Celery, Carrots, and Apples

When you chew these foods, they increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva neutralizes the bacteria which cause dental cavities. It also leaves you having a fresh feeling in your mouth. It is for this reason that these foods are called dental detergents.

These foods also have a characteristically abrasive texture, which enables them to scrub your teeth surfaces and remove food particles. You should avoid foods high in acid when snacking between meals since they wear down your enamel.

6. Wasabi

You often find wasabi served as a side dish when eating sushi. Now, sushi, in and of itself, has a variety of health benefits. So, you have many reasons to like sushi. Wasabi is a spice related to horseradish.

According to recent research done in Japan, wasabi can prevent the attachment of bacteria to your teeth. This property of wasabi also inhibits the growth of bacteria, since the adherence of bacteria to your teeth is crucial to their survival in the oral environment.

You will not always have the time to brush and floss your teeth after having a meal. There are alternative ways to promote dental hygiene, some of which require you to eat, even though eating might be among the last things on your mind.

Use any of the above six foods to reduce the amounts of sugary particles in your mouth, which enable bacteria to thrive and cause tooth decay.

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