Cardio exercises benefit your body in various ways. Apart from boosting your immunity and mood, they help with circulation, maintaining a lean figure, and keeping your heart healthy.

Most importantly, cardio exercises help in burning excess fats, even when you are not working out. Here are some cardio exercises you might want to try out to consume at least 400 calories per hour.

1. High-intensity Interval Training

Incorporating this into your workout routine will help burn six hundred calories per hour. In this kind of workout, you quickly exercise intensely for about twenty or thirty seconds and then rest for short periods of between ten and twenty seconds.

It works on both aerobic and anaerobic systems of your body by increasing your heart rate and improving your cardiovascular health. It burns more calories and reduces your body fat in very little time. You can do these exercises in conjunction with carrying weights, swimming, running, or cycling.

2. Boat Rowing and Kayaking

If you want a complete body workout, then these are the exercises in which you should participate. Going for thirty minutes while rowing will burn not less than 250 calories.

It implies that you can consume about 600 calories, or at least 500, in an hour of rowing. This exercise works out several muscles right from the shoulders down to the hamstrings.

3. Kettlebell Workouts

You could use kettlebells to get the highest impact from your time working out. This exercise can include cardio and strength training and can give you a workout having a higher intensity within a shorter timespan than regular strength training.

Kettlebell training improves your balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and cardio endurance while burning up to twenty calories each minute.

4. Brisk Walking

When you are out of options, or you just need a simple workout routine, then walking would do the trick. Anyone can benefit from walking, but only if they do so at a pace that is moderately fast and brisk.

Regularly doing this helps with bodyweight maintenance, improving your mood, balance, and coordination, and strengthens your muscles and bones. You can walk indoors using a treadmill, or you can go outdoors, but whichever environment you choose, you should walk faster, longer, and more frequently if you hope to get the most benefit out of it.

5. Skipping

At a calorie consumption rate of about six hundred per hour, skipping is among the best cardio exercises you can do to lose weight, build bone density, and strengthen your heart and legs.

The impact of jumping rope is much lower than running, but this exercise is an excellent plyometric workout that quickly and effectively burns calories.

6. Bicycle Riding

Cycling is not only suitable for children, but it is also an excellent form of exercise for adults. This low-impact exercise is comparable to high-intensity impact training in the number of calories burned per hour.

It improves your heart health while also strengthening your leg muscles and giving you vitamin D and fresh air.

Just like walking, you can cycle indoors or outdoors, depending on your financial means and personal preferences. The number of calories you burn will depend on your weight and the pace at which you cycle.

The larger a person, the more calories they burn. You also burn more calories by cycling faster.

These cardio exercises will help you lose weight more quickly, improve the health of your heart, and lose body fat. You can do them simultaneously with strength training if you want to feel strong, healthy, and lean. From these examples, you can choose the type of workout that you prefer.

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