Talc baby powder is probably the mostly used product by mothers trying to ward off diaper rash and keep their babies’ skin dry. You may also be using it on some parts of your body to reduce friction and keep away sweat.

However, there have been numerous reports about how bad talc is for both your health and that of your baby. To help you protect yourself and your baby, here are the 3 dangers of talc that you need to be aware of.

1. Presence of Asbestos

Asbestos and talc usually develop together and have a similar composition which is why it is common for talc to be contaminated with it. Asbestos is highly toxic in nature and is known to cause health complications including cancer.

Although asbestos can be tested for in talc powder to ensure it is safe, some manufacturers hide the true content of asbestos in their products.  By using talc baby powder, you may be exposing your baby and yourself to the toxic nature of asbestos as you have no way of establishing on your own whether it is contaminated or not.

2. Respiratory Problems

Talc powder is made up of small particles that when inhaled, can irritate the respiratory tract and cause problems. The fine particles get lodged in the lungs and accumulate with time.

The build-up of talc particles in the lungs causes difficulty in breathing, scarring, reduced lung function and even fibrosis. If you must use talc baby powder, keep it away from the baby’s face to prevent inhalation and consequent respiratory complications.

3. Ovarian Cancer

If you use talc baby powder on your baby’s butt and genital area to soothe diaper rash, you may be exposing you little girl child to a future of ovarian cancer. Although the claims about ovarian cancer don’t directly link it to the use of talc baby powder, studies have shown a higher risk of ovarian cancer in women who used talc baby powder compared to those who didn’t.

The explanation behind this is that talc powder travels up the reproductive tract and triggers long-term inflammation of the ovaries which later lead to ovarian cancer.

You don’t want to risk the health of your baby having known how much of a health hazard talc baby powder is. If possible, find alternative ways to keep your baby’s skin dry in order to avoid the dangers of talc.

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